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Military-style programs

Tank-Tour is a company which organizes different military tours in St Petersburg. In our work we use real Russian Army armored vehicles and tanks. Besides we give our customers the opportunity to see and take into hands different armament of the former Soviet and current Russian Army: from the legendary AK-47 to the latest models. A standard item of every our program is disassembly and re-assembly of a Kalashnikov rifle. We conduct such events for both Russian citizens and expats. People from all over the world have been among our customers, such as China, USA, France, India, Austria, Morocco etc.

Base program of a Tank-Tour military style event. Below is just one example of a big variety of Tank-Tour organized military tours in St Petersburg.

Transfer by military trucks and jeeps.

  • Rooky drill
  • Getting Russian military uniform
  • Marching drill
  • Arms show (one can take each piece into hands, take pictures with it etc).
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of a Kalashnikov rifle
  • Tactics: moving in a group, rules for moving on armored vehicles, getting into an ambush and escape from it, calling for an evacuation vehicle and rescuing of the wounded, arrival at the camp with the wounded.
  • Throwing hand grenades
  • Basic survival rules in a combat
  • Reconnaissance with an armored vehicle
  • Excursion to the WW2 bunkers
  • Field kitchen serving typical Russian Army field dishes

Armored vehicles of BRDM-2 and MTLB type are used for this program. Approximate program price for a group of up to 10 people is 135 K rubles. Every extra person: plus 1500 rubles per person. Possible variations:

  1. Shooting with real weapons: plus 10 K rubles to the program
  2. Using a BTR instead of BRDM-2: plus 5 K rubles to the program (BTR is a bigger and more powerful armored vehicle than BRDM-2)
  3. Construction of a military camp including a big army tent and furniture: program price is 160 K rubles.
  4. Using in the program just one armored vehicle instead two (without a camp and without small arms show):  program price is 90 K rubles.
  5. Using a tank T-55 instead other vihicles: plus 70 K rubles.
  6. Transfer on military trucks: plus 15 K rub.

We can also provide an interpreter at an extra charge as needed.

We can organize jeeping on Russian military jeeps in Saint-Petersburg, or offer to drive real Russian tank, survival course in the wild nature near SPb, you can see private Russian military unit or to take Russian armored vehicle BTR as taxi (unusual taxi) in S-Petersburg. Tank-tour conducts extreme excursions in old military bunkers. Every tour may be organize for groups of tourists or individuals. You can hear something interesting about Stalin and his decrees. Real Russian Trophy by trucks and jeeps with shooting and unforgettable impressions. If you are interesting in unusual jeep tour in St-Petresburg - call us!

Компания «Танк-тур» занимается организацией корпоративного и индивидуального отдыха в армейской тематике. «Танк-тур» поможет Вам организовать необычный день рождения, свадьбу, корпоративный отдых или иной праздник. Программы отдыха могут включать: катания на бронетехнике, армейскую кухню, стрельбы, различные конкурсы и т.п.
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